Saturday, 9 April 2011

Busy Week

So, this week was when I attended Hadia's professional intensive dance training. I'd show you some pics, but personally, I don't really make them a priority. My memory is pretty good-for now anyway:) so I prefer to remember things. Actually, I am just too damn lazy to carry a camera, and the camera on my phone is completely and utterly crappy. Aha!The truth comes out!

Because Hadia decided to change the dates to acommodate her students her Japan (her initial workshops were cancelled, she actually landed in Tokyo as the earthquake was happening!), we had a strange schedule. Helen and I worked half-days then attended the training from 3-8pm. The two ladies from Malaysia also managed to change their tickets to join the training.

Anyway, I felt completely transformed afterwards-I hope the improvements show! I will write a more detailed review of sorts later on, but for now I need to say that Hadia is hands down one of the best instructors/coaches anywhere in the world. The way that woman teaches technique is ingenious.

In short, I was really exhausted by the end of the week, not so much from the training, but from both working and then rushing to get to training.

Also, I need to figure out a piece of music for my solo at the Jakarta Arts Theatre in June. We have been invited again to be part of the Jakarta Anniversary Festival-a huge honour!

I have some ideas I'm bouncing around in my head.

Anyway, I'm off to bed soon. Sigh. Night night.


famousfeline said...

Wwwaaaaa... I hope I can make it to see your performance in June! Do you know the exact date?

mia_badib said...

I should have mentioned the date huh? I am such a scatterbrain at the moment! I will post more details soon, the confirmed date is Wednesday, 22th June, which is Jakarta's actual birthday,if I'm not mistaken. Isn't that cool?
Are you going to be back by then?

famousfeline said...

That's so cool and what an honor! I'm planning to go back on June 19th, so I'll be over the jet lag and everything by the 22nd.

I hope I can still get some tickets!

mia_badib said...

Hi!My laptop was having a hissy fit so I was offline for a few days:).
We'd LOVE to see you at the show. If you only need a few tickets, I can pick out some good seats for you and hold them:).

Let me know if you want me to:). GKJ decided to increase ticket prices this year to 100 thou for balcony seats and 150 thou for stage level.
How's things at your end? You must be having a blast with your classes!